4. What kind of environment makes you the most comfortable?

03 Oct

Judgers prefer a structured, ordered, and fairly predictable environment, where they can make decisions and have things settled. Perceivers prefer to experience as much of the world as possible, so they like to keep their options open and are most comfortable adapting. So, Judgers tend to be organized and productive while Perceivers tend to be flexible, curious, and nonconforming

Judgers often:
*Like to have things settled
*Take responsibilities seriously
*Pay attention to time & are usually prompt
*Prefer to finish projects
*Work first, play later
*Seek closure
*See the need for most rules
*Like to make & stick with plans
*Find comfort in schedules

Perceivers often:

*Like to keep their options open
*Are playful and casual
*Are less aware of time and may run late
*Prefer to start projects
*Play first, work later
*May have difficulty making some decisions
*Question the need for many rules
*Like to keep plans flexible
*Want the freedom to be spontaneous

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