3. How do you decide or come to conclusions?

03 Oct

Thinkers make decisions based primarily on objective and impersonal criteria–what makes the most sense and what is logical. Feelers make decisions based primarily on their personal values and how they feel about the choices. So, Thinkers tend to be cool, analytical, and are convinced by logical reasoning. Feelers tend to be sensitive, empathetic, and are compelled by extenuating circumstances and a constant search for harmony.

Thinkers often:

*Make decisions objectively
*Appear cool and reserved
*Are most convinced by rational arguments
*Are honest and direct
*Value honesty and fairness
*Take few things personally
*Are good at seeing flaws
*Are motivated by achievement
*Argue or debate issues for fun

Feelers often:

*Decide based on their values & feelings
*Appear warm and friendly
*Are most convinced by how they feel
*Are diplomatic and tactful
*Value harmony and compassion
*Take many things personally
*Are quick to compliment others
*Are motivated by appreciation
*Avoid arguments and conflicts

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