2. What kind of information do you naturally notice and remember?

03 Oct

Sensors notice the facts, details, and realities of the world around them whereas Intuitives are more interested in connections and relationships between facts as well as the meaning, or possibilities of the information. Sensors tend to be practical and literal people, who trust past experience and often have good common sense. Intuitives tend to be imaginative, theoretical people who trust their hunches and pride themselves on their creativity.

Sensors often:
*Focus on details & specifics
*Admire practical solutions
*Notice details & remember facts
*Are pragmatic – see what is
*Live in the here-and-now
*Trust actual experience
*Like to use established skills
*Like step-by-step instructions
*Work at a steady pace

Intuitives often:
*Focus on the big picture & possibilities
*Admire creative ideas
*Notice anything new or different
*Are inventive – see what could be
*Think about future implications
*Trust their gut instincts
*Prefer to learn new skills
*Like to figure things out for themselves
*Work in bursts of energy

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